Our Cryotherapy Cabins & Recovery Chambers

CryoBath, as a leading cryotherapy chamber manufacturer & supplier, has been revolutionizing the industry on a global scale by manufacturing the highest quality cryotherapy machines on the market.

Through our years of experience, research and development, our team of engineers, designers, researchers and healthcare providers spare nothing in assuring the best cryo cabins on the market. We begin our process by making sure that our cryo booths’ sleek design is both highly functional as well as space friendly. Our cryotherapy units are built to fit through any 36-inch doorway and only requires an area of 5 ft. by 5 ft. (without the nitrogen tank) making it extremely convenient and space saving without sacrificing quality or functionality. Once inside the whole body cryotherapy chamber, the interior is made from the medical-grade durable material resistant to the extremely cold temperatures and repetitious use. Our whole body cryotherapy chambers are also designed to allow individuals of shorter stature (4’10”) to those of the tallest (6’10”) (ask for details) the ability to use our cryotherapy booths on a regular basis. Just to add another bonus, our cryotherapy chambers come in multiple colors and are able to customize your unit based on choosing the shell (outside of the machine) as well as the interior.


CryoBath manufacturers each cryotherapy chamber with the best parts and materials on the market to assure that our cryo machines are built to last. Upon seeing our cryotherapy cabins, its design as well as how it is constructed, you will be convinced how it truly stands above the rest. Our cryotherapy chambers and parts are proven and tested to outlast the competition for high usage without the risk of breaking down. This is one of many reasons we are able to offer the industry’s leading 5-year warranty.


Our cryotherapy booths are built and intended for high-usage on a daily basis without breaking down, need for downtime in order to defrost any of the components or facing the risk of the unit’s inability to cool at the required temperature every session all day long. Our team knows the industry not only from a technical standpoint but a business standpoint as well. When it comes to making your purchase, we know that longevity, on-going costs, and repairs are what adds up and that is why we go the extra distance in our approach.


With the engineers and designers we have put together, they have spent years perfecting the technology and have developed the most advanced methods of delivering and circulating the coldest air possible within the cryotherapy cabin. The manner in which our machines, mechanics, and software are constructed, this also translates to cooling the cryotherapy chamber quicker, using less nitrogen per session without sacrificing temperatures as well as wasting less nitrogen which all equate to spending less per session.


Made from the highest quality parts

Smart investment

Make your money back in as little as one year



Innovation in whole body cryo

Built for durability

High quality vs. competitors' low end



Most efficient unit on the market

5 Year Warranty

Best warranty on the market



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